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Somebody in Kenya earns almost a million Kenya shillings monthly: Find out who it is

Somebody in Kenya earns almost a million Kenya shillings monthly from their high traffic website. Find out who it is and how they do it in the amazing ground breaking eBook How To Make Money Online Fast (cover pictured above) Discover how to get your hands on it.

9 Methods Being Used By Kenyans To Make Money Online

A Man Who Made A Million Canadian Dollars Online In One Month: How He Did It And how you can copy

If you look at the image above carefully, you will quickly realize that it is NOT photoshop at work. This is real. Somebody received a cheque of almost one million Canadian dollars for ONE MONTH'S WORK ONLINE.

This cheque was posted online in February 2006 and it is for almost a million Canadian dollars. It belongs to  Markus Frind who founded a site called which is a free online dating site.

After you finish verifying that this is real , including doing your own online research on Google to find out if it really happen, I will give you a few pointers on how this remarkable feat was accomplished. Naturally you can copy these ideas;

1. Look for a valuable service that people are currently buying and then offer it FREE.

When the site that made almost a million Canadian dollars in one month launched, all leading online dating services were charging a fee. Plenty of fish decided to offer their online dating services for free. The result was that their traffic exploded.

2. The site was marketed aggressively using mostly FREE traffic generation methods.

There are no two ways about it. If you want to make serious money online you will have to do some very aggressive promotion. Some of the very effective ways of generating traffic to your site are FREE and it will only cost you only your time. I reveal these super effective FREE promotional methods in my eBook How To Make Money Online Fast.

3. Income exploded because they chose an excellent way to earn money from the high traffic

It is terribly important to decide early on what service or affiliate programme you will use to maximize on revenue from the traffic that visits your site. The Google Adsense programme has many advantages but at the top of the list must be the fact that the ads served will always be as relevant as possible to the subject matter on the page. What this means is that a vast majority of the folks who land on the site will have their interest piqued by the ads displayed. That means that they will tend to click on your Adsense ads in large numbers. You will get earn every time somebody clicks on the ads on your website or blog.

Continue reading this article and numerous other valuable tips for making money rapidly online in my ground-breaking eBook How To Make Money Online Fast.

9 Methods Being Used By Kenyans To Make Money Online 

9 Methods Being Used By Kenyans To Make Money Online

Most folks find it hard to believe the fact that right here in Kenya there are people raking in amazing incomes just by working online. From the case we carried in an earlier post where this woman rakes in 300K a month to people who are able to fend for their children, take them to school and generally take very good care of their families.

So today I decided to list here 9 different ways that Kenyans are using to make money online.

1. Writing

This is by far the most popular method currently. There is this one sight that pays as much as $30 (Kshs 3,000) per article. The site pays every Tuesday without fail and has been putting food on more Kenyan tables than you can imagine.

Top earner I have heard of makes Kshs 80,000 per month. Most people average about Kshs 40,000 per month from this site. Details and name of the site are in my eBook.

2. Google-click-your-way-to-a-fortune

There is this Google Inc program that serves ads relevant to your content. What this means is that people are more likely to click on the ads.  The amazing thing about this program is how neatly it can fit into your current lifestyle even as you make serious money. For instance if your hobby is gardening or reading books you can simply share your experioence and expertise in brief articles and then sit back and let Google do the rest. They usually send earnings via Western Union every month. 

Top earners in Kenya rake in as much as Kshs 500,000 or even more. One of the reasons why it is so difficult to get case studies of folks who earn money in this way is because Google has a secrecy policy and do not take kindly to people revealing how much they earn (no kidding). But one American took a photograph of his US$ 1 million cheque earned in a single month and posted it online. Here is another cheque posted in 2008 of almost a million Canadian dollars belonging to  Markus Frind of, a free online dating site.
In my eBook I carry plenty of details on how people manage to earn these kinds of income monthly. It is not easy but it is certainly doable, after all their human like you and I are they not?

3. Selling products they make

There is this Nairobi lady who makes delicious cakes but has no shop or premises. She does it all from her home and she sells everything online and then organizes for delivery within Nairobi. She is very reluctant to reveal her income but she drives a nice car and has no other source of income (she doesn't even have a sponsor ;-0 ).

4. Affiliate Programs

5. MLM or Network Marketing

6. eBooks

7. Software

8. Blogging

9. Youtube

You can read details about these other methods in the eBook How To Make Money Fast plus plenty more to get you started making money online from right here in Kenya. Order your copy now and stop delaying your online success.

I Make Enough Money Online In Kenya To Support My Family

Chris who is the writer of How To Make Money Online Fast has asked me to write something about my experiences online.

We have agreed that I will be totally honest so here goes.

I picked up this idea from the earlier version of Chris' book which was sold for 100 bob by news vendors in Nairobi about 4 years ago. It was a little difficult for me at the beginning because I had very limited computer skills at the time. Smart phones were not widespread in those days because I believe they have helped people get more comfortable with computers.

The first site recommended in the book helped me start earning money right away. $2 on my first day. This amount rapidly grew as did my excitement in the days that followed. The other sites needed more work and patience. I was grateful for the door that the book opened because at that time I was in a very bad situation financially, and I had a wife and two little ones.

These days I am earning between 80k and 100k a month. That is why I would really like to know how this lady rakes in 300K. I am not doubting because I know it is possible. I am just curious and eager to discover new tricks to increase my income even more.

Anyway my online income has done a lot for me and I am very grateful. My advise is that you will only succeed if you are hardworking and usually don't give up easily.

Mwomboi N. (Nairobi). 

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Make Money Online Fast without leaving your house in Kenya

eBook Review of an amazing read

Abigael lives in Kahawa Sukari in the outskirts of Nairobi, capital city of Kenya. She makes between Kshs 250,000 and 300,000 a month... without ever having to leave her house. 

YEP!! 250K to 300K. She only leaves to go shopping or out visiting with friends or to enjoy herself (naturally when somebody has money they tend to be very popular). She does all her work online. Yes everything to earn that kind of cash is done on the web.

There are those who claim to be making even more but this is yet to be verified by hard evidence. Abigael verifies by showing me her mpesa records on her phone. Some of the payments are weekly others come daily.

"You can make money online, but you need to know exactly what to do... and which sites to visit," says Abigael. "Your How To Make Money Online Fast eBook was a great help but I also developed my own additional sites and methods later," she tells me.

"My only problem is KPLC because sometimes there is a power problem in our area that outlasts my laptop battery. Then I have to reorganize myself quickly not to lose work."

Abigael is a university graduate and a single mother who had to find a way to support herself after her search for a job proved fruitless. However this does NOT mean that only university graduates can make money online. There are many other Kenyans who never went to university who are now earning a pretty good living from the web and you can read several case studies in this amazing eBook How To Make Money Online Fast.

Be Wary of Make-A-Fortune-Overnight-As-You-Sleep Schemes 

Sadly quite a number of Kenyans have fallen victims of Internet fraudsters who promise that they can help somebody make money overnight using some clever software they are selling. They urge you to send them money (usually via online credit card or Western Union money transfer) and that is the last you will ever hear of them. Some of them are Nigerians.

The truth is that working online is just like any other job. You will need to work smart and gradually build up your income. Anybody who tells you that you can make your fortune overnight is telling you lies.

Having said that there is a chapter in this eBook that describes an opportunity where you can start earning money in a few hours, however it is 4$ to 10$ at a time. Hardly a fortune but everything has small beginnings doesn't it? This small money grows gradually according to your efforts. Abigael also started small making only $50 (Kshs 5,000) in her first week. The 300K certainly did not happen overnight.

Great News For Part-Timers

There is also a chapter in the eBook that shows you exactly what to do if you are already working somewhere else and would like to make money online in your spare time. You just have to get organized after work and sit for a few hours on a computer and you will soon have an extra income on the side. What is even more inspirational is the fact that one case study talks about a man who did not even have his own computer at home and had to start out doing his work in cyber cafes.

DO NOT waste another minute. Get your hands on this amazing eBook that has already helped so many Kenyans start making money online either full time or as a part time venture. It is written in very simple language that anybody can understand (even a person with limited education) and points you in the right direction. You will find websites that are reliable and will pay you promptly for work done. You will also be shown how to convert the US dollars you will be earning into Kenya shillings and receive the cash on your phone via Mpesa. 

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