Why Responsive Web Design Is So Important

There is so much talk these days about responsive web design and its’ importance. What exactly is responsive web design? The whole idea is to design a site that focuses on the customer experience. It should be accessible and easily read and navigated across all mobile devices as well as desktops.

Why is it important?

Today many people take the World Wide Web for granted. However the truth is that never before in the history of the human race has there been so much opportunity for a small business or entrepreneur based anywhere in the world to quickly take off and make serious money with minimal or no investment. All you need to do is establish a website and target your audience and in a very short time you could easily be earning a six figure income.

And you do not even need to have your own products or services. We now have multitudes of affiliate marketing stars who enjoy a huge income working from the comfort of their homes or travelling to exotic holiday destinations even as their income continues to pour in. They do not have the traditional headaches of an entrepreneur of worrying about inventory, staff and hundreds of other small details. Instead they simply drive traffic to an affiliate site and sit back as somebody else worries about sales, shipment and repeat orders. In many instances they will earn a hefty share of the income that results that could be as much as 50 per cent or more.

Still all these opportunities will hardly work for a website that has no responsive web design (RWD). Today those who access the web via mobile devices are more than those who use desktops and the number is growing. If the link on your website is so small on a mobile device with a touch screen then it means that visitors to your site will find it impossible to touch it without touching other links in the close vicinity then you will have lost out big time.

Is Responsive Web Design Too Expensive?

Admittedly web entrepreneurs will have to make a big effort and spend money to get responsive web design. Chances are that they will be charged a handsome fee to ensure that all their sites are updated so that they are user friendly across all devices. It is also possible for somebody to do most of the work on their own by simply accessing and reading up on all the technical information required for transforming a website into a highly responsive design. 

Still the bottom line is that you will need to spend time and take the trouble to make it happen. BUT whatever you do and no matter how much it costs you can be sure that it will be the kind of investment that will pay back many times over.

Is It Really Possible To Acquire Prime Property In The UK Without A Hefty Deposit?

Chances are that you may have been interested in acquiring property but quickly got discouraged by the hefty deposit that would almost certainly be required if you were to get involved in a real estate transaction.

Surely it is not possible to acquire prime property anywhere in the UK without putting down a deposit is it? Actually it is not only extremely possible but people are actually doing it all the time, even as you read this. Rick Otton a real estate investment expert who has been at it for quite some time now (over 20 years) has been busy proving that there are a wide range of strategies for anybody to get their hands on UK property without putting down any money.

Now, the number of expats interested in UK property has risen sharply in recent times but Otton believes that the numbers could even be higher only that many feel greatly limited by the financial challenges involved in coming up with a huge sum of money before they can ever be considered serious buyers.

The massive surge in interest in UK real estate is hardly surprising to those in the know. Recent surveys have indicated that at least 71 percent Britons residing abroad and investing in UK property have full time tenants in their rental properties. That means that such an investment just now would come with great potential of generating serious cash flow for any investor. This is in sharp contrast to the situation facing many expats who have opted for foreign properties. Figures show that they are only seeing an average measly 47 percent rental. 

There is also the fact that most of these markets have the kind of typical resale values that are unlikely to give anybody a profit in any selling transaction. Now that qualifies to be termed a high risk investment and losing one’s shirt would hardly surprise anybody with just a little knowledge in real estate.

Mr Otton’s rather creative strategies for acquiring high value prime property have attracted many eager listeners over the last 20 years and have opened the door for many of them to use the knowledge to build impressive property portfolios. He emphasizes that it is far easier for anybody to get into real estate than most people seem to think. In actual fact all you need to do is actively seek opportunities that do not demand large sums of money as a deposit.

Do such too-good-to-be-true opportunities really exist? Actually they DO and are more plenty than most would want to imagine. For instance there are many owners of rental property in the UK who have accumulated debt and as a result are under considerable financial pressure and strain. Some of them will jump at the opportunity of transferring their debt burden to a new owner.

This kind of scenario may sound unlikely to some observers but as Mr Otton revealed in a recent podcast on iTunes there are numerous investors already using this strategy. And some of them are expats doing it from far-off lands where they are currently based. This is of course made possible using modern technology like Ecosign and Skype. This emerging trend in UK property is no fad and is likely to continue growing for some time to come as property in Britain continues to grow in popularity. 

The Investor Sentiment index by Lloyds of London shows that there has been a 50 percent rise in UK property investor sentiment since March 2013. Lloyds adds that with the sterling consistently weak in recent times against other major currencies expats with USD and Euro accounts will find that they can get more for their money more so as UK rents stubbornly point northwards.

Clearly this is a golden opportunity for expats to thrive in the UK property market. And using Mr Otton’s tools and investment secrets it should be fairly easy for anybody to generate a lucrative passive income as well as make a good profit if they decide to re-sell the property later. Indeed with prices steadily rising it is also easy to make hefty profit from a quick re-sell shortly after purchase.

This year is Otton’s 10th year anniversary since he first introduced his innovative property buying strategies in the UK which will work in any kind of economy.

Chaos, SEO Kenya, East Africa And How Things Will Never Be The Same Again

It’s a new world out there that keeps changing faster than any of us is able to absorb let alone understand. Let’s face it, technology with all the convenience it comes with has had an impact on all of us that cannot be accurately described without prominently using the word “chaos.”

Fortunately there are a few things that you can do in our chaotic new world that will always ensure your survival and even prosperity and most of them have to do with how you are perceived online. Everybody is online and people now do plenty online. If they are not on their computer in the office you can be sure they are still online with their smart phones somewhere. That should put the writing on wall pretty vividly for anybody.

What’s your visibility online?
It means that your visibility online is terribly important and I am not just talking about having a website or social media presence. Virtually everybody has those and yet many entrepreneurs are still lost at sea in the huge raging ocean out there that is the World Wide Web.

What exactly does visibility mean? Visibility means that you can easily be found by anybody who may want to look for you and even more importantly by those who might be interested in the products or services that you offer. That means that whether you know it or not SEO (search engine optimization) is critical. If your site is NOT optimized for leading search engines then it simply means that it will be impossible for anybody to find your website in the massive sea of websites out there. And whatever good reasons you may have for wanting to be found it is also critical that the vast majority of folks who find you are local. This means that your optimization has to be done by somebody familiar with your locality. And that’s why this long serving SEO expert in Kenya and East Africa is a great place to start.

There are other interesting ways that you can be found, mostly by using the right social media tools that will attract attention to you. It could be PPC ads thrown at the right audience on Facebook or simply interesting social media updates documenting your progress that will attract the right kind of interest. It really is exhilarating just thinking about the vast range of possibilities here.

First impressions count much more online
Chances are that you will never dream of going for that critical meeting mostly with people you have never met before, dressed carelessly. And when you do get to the meeting, there is no doubt that you will sum up the people you meet and arrive at your own conclusions about them in the first few seconds. It will all be based on what they look like and how they are dressed and your mind will be made up long before they have even said a single word.

On the web it gets even scarier and it means that your website design and the general look of your site or blog will determine whether or not visitors will want to take things further with you. It is therefore critical that any website design Hong Kong options you choose to go with brings out the best of you based on the real you.

Success comes much faster on the World Wide Web
There are numerous amazing stories of mind boggling success that can be told by those who have taken the trouble to work on their online visibility. In the bricks and mortar world it will take weeks and sometimes even months for you to determine how successful your launch has been. On the web this timeline is reduced to a few minutes. And that’s not all. Those who have a plan and know what they are doing are able to reach tons of prospects much more quickly and convert a good number of them into paying customers. All this at an extremely low cost. The advantages and sheer convenience of doing business online is something that cannot be denied. That means that whatever trouble you may have to go into to work on the online visibility of your business could pay off big time.

How a person handles their web design and SEO will make or break a business every time. That’s the truth about our chaotic new exciting but still rapidly changing world.

Real Estate Modern Marketing Video Tips

Real estate video tips, real estate modern marketing and technology; what difference would they really make in marketing real estate? Can somebody who is not accustomed to this new way of doings things make any headway let alone succeed?

There are folks who have been in the real estate business for a very long time. Some of them have developed their own methods and valuable contacts and both help get things done. So why try to fix something that is not particularly broken?
Maybe the right question needs to be why not let technology, which has made many things a lot easier work for you?

The power of video marketing
Video is an extremely powerful tool that can be used to market virtually anything. Actually technology has changed people much more and in many ways that most people are yet to acknowledge. For instance audiences tend to have shorter attention spans and are much more impatient than they were a generation ago. The result is that you will reach a lot more people and much more effectively at that by getting your information out there on video rather than by creating lots of content on your website.

If you still have doubts about this, then you need to consider the phenomenal growth of video sharing site and video search engine Youtube.

How to use video to market real estate
There are any creative ways in which a real estate agent can use video marketing. The most obvious is real estate video tours. Simply out you provide tours of homes you are selling by walking through with your video camera on. This dramatically increases the number of prospects you show your property to while saving you a mind boggling amount of time. When you upload the video on Youtube multitudes of new prospects you have never even talked to will be able to see the property and contact you only if they are interested.

Also you will no longer need to struggle to fix appointments for viewing with extremely busy clients. All you need to do is provide them a link for them to view a video of the property online and in the comfort of their offices.

How video increases sales
At the end of the day it is really about how many real estate sales you manage to close. Video can be used in many creative ways to close more sales. For instance you can put satisfied clients on tape and get them to share their happy experiences. Positive referrals even from strangers can be extremely powerful.

You can also create videos packed with tips on how home improvements can be made cheaply and make it widely available. Naturally this will keep you in the minds of multitudes of potential clients so that when they think real estate in their areas, you are the first name that will come to their minds. Folks always prefer to buy from people they are familiar with and your videos can make you familiar to lots of future prospects.

Actually the potential for video in real estate marketing is limitless. Also the potential impact it can have on real estate sales is phenomenal. And there is really no excuse for anybody to fail to use video and modern marketing techniques. Many video cameras these days are digital and extremely user-friendly even to a newbie. Besides there are plenty of real estate video tips, real estate modern marketing tips on the web to get you started.

Expats Interest In UK Real Estate Justified Says Lloyds of London

Investor interest in UK real estate and property has been rising sharply for over a year and all indications are that this trend is set to continue Lloyds of London now says.

The clearest indicator yet of this trend is the Lloyds of London Investor Sentiment Index which shows a whooping growth of 50 per cent in investor sentiment towards UK property since March 2013. This is a significant rise by any standards.

Lloyd’s further adds that expats are bound to do even better in the British real estate market as the sterling continues to lose ground to other major currencies. In effect this means that investors using foreign currencies will tend to find properties cheap. This coupled with the fact that rents in the UK are on the rise will enable those with USD and Euro accounts abroad to get a lot more for their money.

Rick Otton, a real estate investment educator agrees but adds that the biggest impediment for expats to cash in on the situation is the misconception that one cannot enter the UK property market without putting down a hefty deposit. In effect this would mean that it cannot be done without taking out huge bank loans.

“I have been encouraging those hoping to purchase UK houses for sale to put aside their misconceptions that they require a deposit in order to purchase UK property, said Mr Otton.

For over 20 years now Otton has been sharing real estate strategies which many have found to be creative and is now urging expats to approach this golden opportunity to profit in UK Real Estate with an open mind. He recommends embracing his approach of seeking motivated sellers and opportunities arising from current circumstances on the ground amongst other innovative strategies.

He gives the examples of rental properties where in many instances owners of such property have found themselves under considerable financial pressure linked to running and managing the rental property. Many have ended up in serious debt and have therefore been more than happy to transfer ownership to any buyer willing to consider taking over their nagging debt burden and ease their financial stress.

Most people who hear about this for the first time find it an unrealistic or even far-fetched scenario. However Mr Otton says he has proved his case several times, most recently in an iTunes podcast where he demonstrated that not only is this strategy being used by more and more people entering the UK property market to buy but many are also doing it from outside Britain and in different corners of the globe. The use technological tools on the World Wide Web like skype and Ecosign amongst others makes it possible.

Otton says that by using his strategies and tools it is fairly easy for any expat investor to take over a buy-to-let mortgage with no deposit and begin to generate a passive income almost immediately. A quick profit can even be made if the same investor opts to re-sell the property right away. Otton adds with the current steeply rising prices in the UK property market it is very possible to make a substantial profit even if one opts to sell shortly after acquisition.

Otton says that his strategies for handling property acquisition have been proven successful in any economy. More so in the current property environment in the UK where high rents reign. There is a real chance for anybody to benefit hugely from the no money down and no associated risk approach, he says.

Statistics seem to back up Mr Otton. UK expats abroad who have purchased property there have had to contend with an average of a measly 47 percent rental. This means that property investments in those markets are hardly bringing in the desired returns. More so where rents tend to remain steady for years. When you add the fact that in most cases resale of property for a profit is difficult in most foreign real estate markets, it becomes clear that this kind of investment falls under the high risk category and losing your shirt is not uncommon.

In sharp contrast recent figures reveal that 71 percent of UK expats abroad report full time tenants in their UK properties.
Otton encourages expats to acquire real estate without bank loans or deposits which will enable most to not only cover their costs but to also establish cash flow at the same time.

“I encourage them to look for, and embrace, innovative strategies that will allow them to acquire UK property for little to no money down.”

How To Pass An Interview

Have you ever attended one of those job interviews where you sense the competition is so high that you get nervous and end up blowing it? If only you had all the tips at your finger tips and knew exactly how to pass an interview then it would surely have been much easier for you to get that dream job you gunned for.

There are those folks who are experts at job interviews and then there is the rest of us who struggle through interviews and if we ever get hired it is just plain luck that was on our side.
The good news is that the art of passing an interview is something that can easily be learnt. You can actually make the effort to get the necessary skills you require to ensure that you land any job you want by being nothing but impressive at the interview.

Do your research
Most interviews are passed or failed at the research and preparation stage. The work that you put in before the interview will usually make the difference. 

Start by finding out all you can about the organization that you would like to work for. Do not limit yourself to their websites and general company information that is easily available. You will need to go further and even read newspaper articles and whatever news you can find on them. News articles can actually be pretty valuable because they tend to highlight problems and chances are that you could even manage to figure out from the news precisely why they are hiring which will help you considerably in coming up with the right answers at the interview.

How will you get there?
Picture the following. You do not give enough thought to it and assume that the location of the interview should be easy to find. Instead you end up getting lost and this adds to your nervousness. You finally arrive with just minutes to spare and get ushered in for the interview still breathing hard and not having had the time to collect yourself. Avoid these kinds of situations by planning your route to the interview well in advance and leaving for your appointment as early as possible so that you end up with plenty of time spare. You will then be able to get accustomed to the venue and do all the other things you need to do to get as relaxed and confident as you can.

What will you wear?
Do carefully consider what you will wear and even put it on days before the interview and look into the mirror to see what you look like. Do not overdo it. Just find something you are comfortable in that also makes you look great. First impressions made in the first few seconds of entering the interview room are critical and the way you dress will always be a major contributing factor to it.

Are you ready for difficult questions?
You have prepared well for the interview, you feel confident and you look great. But in the end you get tripped up by a question right at the end of the interview when everything until then was going so great. And ultimately you fail to get the job. This can even be a greater disappointment than if you had just tripped up right from the start.

Sit down and think of all the most difficult possible questions that can be thrown at you. Take another look at your resume and put yourself in the shoes of the hiring authority. What weaknesses would you have spotted and what kind of questions would you most likely have raised?

The more intensively you carry out this exercise, the better you will be prepared for any nasty questions that may pop up at any stage of the interview process.

Your exit is also important
Remember that as you walk out, in most cases the decision will not have been made yet. So you need to make sure that you have an edge over the others by making the most out of your exit at the end of the interview. It is a good idea to shake your prospective employers hand with a firm grip and thank them for the interview opportunity while wishing them all the best in future whether or not they end up hiring you. That's how to pass an interview.

What To Look For In A Keyword Research Service

SEO keyword research is critical to the success of any online business and yet it is extremely time consuming and confusing at times. And even if you have the time there is little chance of a newbie getting it right. A good keyword Research service company is the answer.

Still you will need to know what to look out for because it is easy to end up with a service that will not be of much help to you. 

You will need to start out by asking a few pertinent questions. Ask the service provider to explain their process in simple terms that you can understand. This will not only enlighten you on how they work but will also give you useful pointers to understanding the whole process so that you can be able to fully benefit from their services. 

Another question to ask is about the research tools they use and how much they rely on them. Research tools will hardly be useful to folks who don’t have a deep understanding of keyword research and how to apply it. For starters such folks will be unable to process the information for you so that it is as useful as possible. What about clients they have worked for who are happy and have some great results to show?

But even after asking all these questions there are certain things you will need to look out for as the work is done to fully benefit from the keyword research services being offered. They include;

Does your company interview you to get details about your products and business goals?
How will your keyword research service be able to do any useful work without understanding your business? Will the keyword research really be effective if their understanding of your target audience is hazy at best? This is the reason why it is imperative that they interview you and ask you lots of questions because assumptions can sometimes end up being wrong.

Has your website keyword research service shown you sample keyword research reports?
Even if your knowledge is limited by just seeing the keyword research reports you will be able to gauge the kind of work that has been done. You will also be able to tell if they are on course to give you the kind of keywords that will generate traffic and profits for your business.

Have they covered videos, web2.0 sites, articles and websites?
The keyword research done should cover everything. Even if you have no immediate plans for video for instance, all this is useful information that you will certainly need in future as your online business thrives.

What about LSI and related keyword results?
LSI (Latent semantic indexing) used in search engines identifies relationships and patterns between words in a collection of text. No keyword research project will be complete without it because it is an important guide when you are creating content for your site and targeting keywords that have low competition which will naturally give you a lot more traffic.

Have they given you useful advice on how to use the keywords provided?A keyword research service that knows its’ stuff should be able to give you direction and advise on precisely how to use the keywords provided.

Have they provided SEO ranking scores and levels of difficulty?
A keyword research report is useless without ranking scores and levels of difficulty. You will not be able to use all the keywords you get right away. Actually the prudent thing to do is to always start with the less competitive keywords and then work your way up. This will NOT be possible without detailed ranking scores for each keyword.

Do you have both targeted long tail results and general categories?
Long tail keywords will always be less competitive and will be the ones you want to start off focusing on. A combination of a few long tail keywords can sometimes exceed top traffic keywords. You also need general category keywords as a guide.

Organized keyword research company
For you to be successful in any project you will always need to be super-organized. Your keyword research company therefore need to be very organized and this should also be reflected in the report that they submit to you which needs to be neatly arranged in themes and categories for easier understanding and organization.

10 Seduction Secrets Used By Men Who Understand Women

Virtually every man in this life will find themselves in a situation where they need to seduce a woman. Unfortunately most don’t have a clue as to how to do it. They end up blundering their way to failure. Here are 10 top seduction secrets used by men who have a deep understanding of women and their nature.

1. Smell Great

Nothing puts off a woman faster than a bad smell from a man. And nothing can turn on a woman quicker than a man who smells irresistibly great. And to think that all you have to do is take your time to find a great deodorant and matching cologne. And don’t forget to carry around a good mouthwash. With a foul smell any attempt at seduction will promptly end before it has even started.

2. Go For The Jugular Every Time By Creating Sexual Tension

It always comes down to sexual tension. The more sexual tension you can build between the two of you, the better. There are various techniques you can use to build this attention including NOT avoiding awkward silence between the two of you.

3. You Won’t Do It Without Confidence

Some men like to talk down on themselves and think that women find it cute. Actually it turns them off big time. Even if you make a mistake and spill all the drinks all over her dress, keep your cool and stay unruffled and confident. Confidence is a powerful magnet that women find hard to resist.

4. Play Games And Tease Her A Lot

Tease her and be merciless about it. Dare to do it even in front of her friends. Put her in her place. What will result is that your cocky behavior will trigger off chemicals that have been in the brain of women since the beginning of time and she will really feel attracted to you.

5. Don’t Talk Highly Of Yourself

The common mistake many men make while playing games and being cocky is to start talking too highly of themselves. You will immediately come across as an arrogant jerk no woman will be attracted to.

6. Talk About Sex

Don’t do this too soon. Talk and get to know the girl better. Make sure that she is comfortable with you even if you have just met. And then start talking about sex. Don’t over-do it. The idea here is just to plant the thought in her mind. Once planted it will not go away.

7. Dress well

Pretty obvious this one and yet many men will not take the time to really think about how they dress and the message that it sends across to all those who meet them. You need to be well groomed too.

8. Avoid Getting Drunk

Some men are so nervous around women that they need to get really drunk to even chat them up. Stinking of alcohol and acting like a creep will hardly help you score with women. Work on your inner game and develop your self belief.

9. Don’t Try Too Hard

It’s easy to spot a man who is trying too hard. Women can smell them a mile away. The kind of guys who plead with women to give them attention. No woman wants to come across as being too easy and besides the pleading is a real turn off to most women.

10. Really, really Listen

You can easily seduce a woman only by listening and paying attention to what she is saying. Done right you will find some women who will talk themselves into your bed. The truth is that women like attention and being listened to. And she will quickly tell if you are really listening and if the interest in what she has to say is really genuine.

Sadly most men love to talk about themselves and can hardly stop. They will interrupt to tell their story which to them is much more exciting and interesting than the boring stuff coming out of the good lady’s mouth. Big mistake.

How To Seduce A Woman By Making Her Jealous

So there is this woman you'd love to get horizontal with. You've been thinking about it for a very long time... and I mean a very long time. But the opportunity has never really presented itself. Finally one day out of the blue all the chips suddenly and unexpectedly fall into place and fate thrusts you into this social setting... and she's there. But there's a problem. You're lost for words. After all this time you finally have her within reach and you're so nervous your mind just goes blank and you don't know what to do.

Actually what you need is a killer strategy that will not fail you. Ooops don't even have a strategy let alone a killer one?

Well, you're in luck here is one that hardly ever fails and it's called getting her jealous. Yep, that's the kind of strategy that is guaranteed to get through that cool exterior provoking the animal in her. If you play your cards right you'll have her all over you before the evening ends and finally you'll end up exactly where you want to end up... with her.

It is difficult to find a more potent emotion in any woman than jealousy. Jealousy is amazingly powerful and if you trigger it correctly in a girl you want, you will guarantee her keen interest and intense desire for you. Without going into the mechanics of why jealousy disorientates women so much, just knowing that this is the way girls are wired is you in the driver's seat. Heck it is you holding such a powerful seduction weapon in your hands that any woman you fancy is literally at your mercy.
In a nutshell the whole idea is to cause her to be jealous enough to start feeling covetous toward you. When this happens her emotions are guaranteed to spill all over the place. And more importantly in her mind she will translate all these turmoil of emotions and feelings to mean only one thing--deep longing and love for you. Simple but you can bet that it works every time.

Flirt Beyond The Limits BUT Don’t Tell Her You Like Her

While it is true that any woman can quickly tell if you like her, the truth is that she will never be quite sure until you actually tell her. But telling her is the wrong play because the minute you open your mouth to profess your love you will lose your power and chances are that she will also lose interest in you shortly after that, if not right away. Theoretically there are many who would argue against this but I would like to challenge you to try it practically. 

What you must do is keep flirting with her but never tell her your true feelings which will always keep, if not increase, your power over her. This is what you always need for effective seduction. 

Turn And Flirt Elsewhere

Flirt to the point where she starts feeling uncomfortable. Sure signs that you are reaching her and she is getting uncomfortable include blushing, giggling or fidgeting. When this starts to happen suddenly look elsewhere. Start talking to somebody else and for a moment behave as if the object of your desire does not exist.

What will happen next is that she will realize that although you seem to have something for her she clearly does NOT have your undivided attention. If done right she will then do everything to try and keep your attention focused on only her. You can bet that she will be seething with jealousy as she does this.

It is even better if the second girl has already seen you flirting with the first because the jealousy will work both ways which guarantees you success in case one of them reaches their limit and storms off. Highly unlikely though.

Any man who has even an inkling of an idea of what women are all about will tell you that they are extremely competitive by nature, especially where men are concerned. It doesn't matter how smart or educated they are, they will always react in the same way. It is a basic human instinct that is difficult for them to resist or escape.

Return And Increase Sexual Tension

After you've flirted with the other girl for a while go back to her but do not give her all your attention immediately. Occasionally keep glancing across the room at the second girl, wave and make faces and generally try to have a conversation going across the room.

In the brief moments that you turn your attention back to the first woman try and build sexual tension between the two of you. There are several ways to do this.

For instance you can use what is known as the triangle gaze. Look at her from one eye to another and then look at her mouth. This implies you are thinking of kissing her and she will get the message instantly. But don’t kiss her yet. Instead change the subject and start talking about the weather or something.

By all means do not avoid lengthy silences between you. Awkward silence can also be pretty effective in building sexual tension.
Done right, as the sexual tension between the two of you mounts, you will literally have her eating out of your hand and she will start to have very strong emotions towards you.


But there is a disclaimer here. This may not be the kind of technique that can be practised by a man who is not totally confident with the girls. Not to mention the fact that it requires nerves of steel because most folks will be terrified that the girl they are interested in will get angry and storm of. This is indeed a possibility, albeit a very remote one. However if you can pull it off, this is a trick that is very effective and will always work like a charm.

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Men Who Pick Women At Will Use These Techniques

Subtle Animal Instinct Signs That A Woman Wants To Have Sex With You

While men are rather obvious and easy to read when it comes to figuring out their intentions, women are the extreme opposite. It is not unusual for her to make some curt hostile remarks when she is actually burning with desire for you inside her. Or they might look excessively bored when their heart is beating violently against their rib cage and is obviously very interested in you.

This is one of the reasons why most men fail with women. They pay too much attention to what she is saying while totally ignoring her body language which never lies and ALWAYS tells it as it is.

It is therefore extremely useful to be able to read the body language of a woman and recognize the subtle, sometimes animal instinct, signs that are usually screaming out to you. Remember that NOT all women are exactly the same and some of the signs will be different in different women.

Leans Towards You

If she leans a lot in your direction and sometimes even touches your arm gently or looks for the least excuse to touch you then you know she likes you and probably desires you as well.
Licking Her Lips

There are girls who like to lick their lips. But then if you are very observant you should be able to tell from the way she licks her lips if it is a sign or just an inborn habit. It will often be slower and more subtle, usually totally unconscious on her part.

Caressing her glass

If you find yourself talking to a woman who is caressing her glass in circular motion around the rim you can almost be certain that she is thinking about sex. I have seen this fascinating involuntary action many times and I have never been wrong as to what it meant. Although there are bound to be exceptions of course. Don’t get careless and confront her about what she is doing and what it might mean. That will spoil everything in most cases. Instead act on the information you have received and gently take the encounter to the next level.
She’s Touching Her Hair A Lot

Some girls touch their hair a lot when they are nervous and so when this happens in a social setting to a girl you are talking to chances are that she is flustered by your presence and more so the desires it is provoking in her body.
Shaking One Of Her Legs

Very animal instinct behavior this one and with a very clear message; she is turned on.

She’s laughing A Lot

I am not sure about the psychological reason why girls laugh a lot around men they are attracted to. But it happens a lot. And so if she’s laughing uncontrollably even when you haven’t said anything particularly funny then you should know that it means she has the hots for you.

Leading Questions She Asks

Men are generally very slow in catching hints from the fairer sex. At least that’s the view held by a vast majority of women. And as a result many good ladies are accustomed to using leading questions to try and catch the attention of a man. And many times the men still miss it.
Always pay very close attention to what she is saying and the questions she is asking. You could for instance announce that you are about to tell a joke and despite the fact that you have not told any dirty jokes all evening she quickly blurts out; “Is that a naughty joke now?” This should give you a very clear idea of what she is thinking. To be sure wait and see if the process is repeated. It usually is, several times, at least until she gives up that you will ever understand what is going on.

Shifty Eyes

Sometimes shifty nervous eyes in a girl will indicate that she is very interested in you. This depends on her personality and applies most to shy girls. In some cases the girl will be terrified of holding your gaze or you looking straight into their eyes. This could be an indication that she likes you but is not sure about your feelings and is therefore terrified of you seeing her true feelings in her eyes.


Some women will display several of these signs when they are interested in a man. Others will hardly show any of them. However armed with this general guide it should be much easier for you to spot any other different tell tale signs that are not listed here.

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Men Who Pick Women At Will Use These Techniques

Have you ever envied those men who seem to effortlessly pick up women at will? Chances are that it has always remained a puzzle to you how they pull it off because in most instances they will tend to look pretty ordinary. 

The great news is that it actually isn’t that difficult if you know what to do.

Understand Women

You have heard it said that women are different. But different in what way exactly? And how can you use this information to pick up hot sexy women when the opportunity presents itself?

The first key factor you must always acknowledge is that women are emotional creatures. The best way to get them to do what you want is to play on their emotions and direct it accordingly to what you want them to do.

Women Hardly Sleep With Gentlemen

Whatever you do never show a woman that you are desperate for her attention. It is always a big turn off for her and will hardly get you anywhere. Now I know this sounds contradictory to what you have probably heard said many times even by women. Stuff such as they like gentlemen or they just love men who treat them like ladies. Trust me if you fall for this big lie you are likely to end up with many women friends but all of them will say you are nice and would like to keep as a friend and nothing more. It is very unlikely that they will develop the kind of feelings that will spur them to want to move that kind of relationship to the next level.

You Need To Be Cocky And Funny

The most powerful tool you can use to pick up women is humor. You need to make her laugh a lot while giving her the impression that you are no easy lay. That is the powerful combination that will get you success every time. Make fun of the people around you and if you are not confident enough about your humor use the web to read up jokes in social situations that you can use. Also be cocky and seemingly unavailable for any kind of crazy ideas she may have. The more unavailable you are, the more women will want you. In fact if you are something they think they cannot have women will go to great lengths to get you.

This great trick is used frequently by most renowned pick up artists to change the ground rules so that the hunter becomes the hunted. This may sound pretty difficult to pull off but it is actually easier than you think. One way of doing this is to bluntly tell her that you don’t want to sleep with her. This breaks the defensive barrier every woman puts up when she thinks somebody is hitting on her. This reverse psychology technique will then get her asking questions like why doesn’t he desire me? Am I not attractive enough for him? When you get a woman into this kind of mode it is virtually a done deal.

Take Several Tiny Steps In The Direction Of Your Destination

You will find yourself in many situations where the woman you are interested in has a conflict going on inside her. Girls just thrive on conflict. Her body will urgently be telling her that she wants to go through with this while her mind will be warning her not to be a slut. In some instances you will have made all the right moves but end up disappointed since you did not recognize this and so you failed to take the appropriate steps.

What you need to do is to take several tiny harmless steps in the direction of your destination. Rather than tell her straight up that you should head to your place, break it up into smaller decisions that she can make more easily. You could suggest that you move to another table (perhaps less noisy). You can then follow this up after a little while suggesting that you move to another joint for more drinks. When you have gotten her consent to a few suggestions it will be much easier to get her consent on a bigger decision, like night cups at your place. You get the gist?

Women Are Also Visual When They Get Interested

Everybody knows that men are visual creatures (show them a little flesh and they are hooked) while women are NOT. Actually this is not quite true. Once you get her thinking in the direction you want, she will respond to the right visual stimulation. For instance your crotch pressing against your tight jeans. Or you stretching and exposing your flat belly apparently accidentally. This is yet another great reason to stay physically fit and looking great.

Will Virtual Money Destroy The US Dollar And Other Currencies?

There are growing and probably genuine fears that cryptocurrencies (online currencies) will soon destroy all conventional world currencies most notably the US dollar and other major currencies. If such a thing were to actually happen the result would be unfathomable catastrophic losses and the collapse of world economies.

Any casual observer would at the very least see plenty to be concerned about. For instance these online currencies have grown tremendously in value since they were first launched in 2009. Bitcoin, the very first cryptocurrency for instance has risen in value by a staggering 9000 per cent in just one year!

Cryptocurrency seems to have come into existence not only for the purposes of creating an online currency but to also guarantee an economy that was never going to be controlled by fractional reserve banking. Its’ very structure seems to confirm this. Right from the onset this currency was deliberately de-centralized in what looks like a determined effort to minimize the chances of its/ control and supply ever falling into the hands of one regulatory body capable of tinkering or altering its’ supply and growth as is the case with all currencies of the world today.
The way it works is that everybody in “the virtual money” economy is able to keep track so that when a transaction takes place everybody’s records are updated accordingly. This in addition to the fact that participants’ computer processing resources are also used to back up the “economy” and transactions makes it virtually foolproof from tampering, fraud or anybody increasing the money supply beyond the set limits which are designed to keep the virtual money scarce and well behind the growth of the economy it encompasses. This is one of the reasons for its’ continued phenomenal growth in value despite the skepticism of a number of renowned experts across the globe.

Many fear that currencies that are based on fractional reserve banking can NOT possibly compete in the long term with online currencies that are not?

What is fractional banking? This is the system used all over the world which encourages an almost unfettered growth of money supply as central banks only seek to tinker with interest rates in a system that encourages speculation and the rapid growth of money supply by banks.

The recent economic crisis that has swept across the world and caused unprecedented havoc has highlighted the weaknesses of the fractional banking system used worldwide and has caused more and more people to be extremely concerned about it. And more so its’ perceived direct link to the economic crisis as a result of the uncontrolled growth of money supply.

Even more alarming is the fact that this fear of world currencies collapsing against virtual money seems to have been justified by some governments like China and Brazil, among others, who have started regulating the use and exchange of clyptocurrencies like Bitcom against their national currencies. Observers however feel that the US government and other world economic giants who are yet to make a similar move will have no option but to follow suit and do something about clyptocurrencies soon.

8 Secrets To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Is it really possible to save a lot of money on your auto insurance and still get complete coverage? Actually it is ad apart from you paying much less you will also be fully covered against any eventuality or calamity that may befall you in these uncertain times we live in. What you need to arm yourself with are a few car insurance money-saving secrets. Admittedly every case is unique but these tips can be applied by virtually anybody irrespective of the kind of coverage they are going for.

1. Beware of optional coverage

Most people are quick to take up optional coverage without taking the time to fully understand the implications. In a vast majority of cases dropping this coverage can help you save money.

2. Cautious driving will always save you money

Always remember that an accident can cost you well beyond the car crash. In most cases if it is found that you were at fault it will force the insurance company to increase your monthly premium rate. Avoid this by driving carefully at all times.

3. Stick to one insurer

The World Wide Web makes it so easy to shop around for the best rate. The temptation is to end up dealing with a handful of insurance companies. This is a mistake because going with one single company once you have made up your mind will make you eligible for discounts.

4. Alarms and discounts

Why pay so much attention to alarms and anti-theft devices when you already have a good insurance coverage on your car? Well the truth is that you can save yourself money on the monthly premium rate and the amounts saved are more than a good enough reason to secure your automobile with the best devices you can find that have been recommended by insurers.

5. Bulk payments

Bulk payments in many cases for virtually any product across the board will save you money and auto insurance is no exception to this sensible money saving tip.

6. Cut down on your trips

Do you really need to use your car, is a question that you need to ask frequently. There are numerous instances where it makes so much sense to use public transport instead and this will help reduce your auto insurance bill because you can ask for a discount when you are able to maintain low mileage.

7. Don’t wait for the expiry date

When you allow your car insurance to expire chances are that the insurance company will be forced to increase your premium prices. Organize a reminder so that you are able to renew in good time and before expiration and you will be able to keep your insurance cost down.

8. Did you bother to ask about discounts?

Should be pretty obvious to a any prudent shopper but for some reason so many folks don’t think asking for a discount applies to car insurance. Actually it does.


Do make the effort to combine these 8 secrets the next time you need to renew or purchase auto insurance and chances are that you will be amazed at the amount of cash you ultimately be able to save while getting the same coverage or even better than what you have had in the past.

Physical Therapy for Knee Sprain Recovery That You Can Do At Home

Summary; Physical therapy is ideal for knee sprain recovery. The right exercises will not only speed up the healing process but will also strengthen it against future injury again. This is imperative because knee injuries tend to recur.

The knee is the largest joint in the human body and that is one of the reasons why a knee sprain recovery will usually take many months to heal. The knee also tends to be vulnerable to injury. However physical therapy can speed up the recovery process considerably.

A very important point to note before you even start the physical therapy is that you should not do any exercises that cause pain. Remember that pain is a warning mechanism in the human body and you could actually be causing more damage to your knee. If you attempt the exercises and feel pain it is probably a better idea to start off with lighter exercises and work yourself up us your knee sprain recovery continues.

For instance swimming is ideal to start with and you can then move on to biking and light stretches. Do these for a week or until you sense that the pain will not recur and then if all is well, you can move on to the physical exercises for the recovery of your sprain and strengthening of your knee.

Heel slides will heal and strengthen
To do heel slides, lie on your back on the floor. Start with your feet stretched out straight in front of you and your toes pointing straight up towards the ceiling. This is a key knee sprain recovery exercise. Next slide the heel of your injured knee towards your buttocks while keeping your kneecap pointed upwards all the time. Push it to the furthest point possible and then stop for 5 seconds. Repeat this 10 times and then increase to 20 times as your knee continues to heal and strengthen.

Lying kicks will also help
Place a rolled towel or ball under your injured knee. Next carefully straighten it above the ball to the limit and hold for 5 seconds. The back of the knee should keep contact with the ball the whole time in this knee sprain recovery routine. Again repeat this 10 times and later increase to 20 times.

Leg slides to help the knee heal
Still lying down on the floor ensure that your legs are together flat on the ground. And with toes still pointed upwards slide the injured leg sideways to the limit and then hold for 5 seconds and then return to the starting position and do the same with the other leg. Repeat 10 times and later increase to 20.

Use two chairs to stretch your knee
You will need two chairs facing each other for this knee sprain recovery exercise. Sit on one of them. Next place your injured leg on the other chair with your knee slightly bent and then stretch it to the limit. Hold for 5 seconds and then bend your knee again. Repeat 10 times and later extend to 20 times daily.

It is important to perform these exercises daily because this is the only way that you will consistently strengthen your knee even as it heals. These are very easy exercises to perform at home or wherever you are if you are travelling and do not require any equipment. Later after your knee sprain recovery is complete and the knee has fully healed you can make the exercises more rigorous to strengthen the muscles around your knee and prevent a recurrence, which tend to e fairly common in knee injuries.

Why Is Consultative Selling The Only Way To Go Today?

It’s a real jungle out there for those who want to sell anything. How do you sell successfully in an unpredictable world where the marketplace is crowded with eager competitors emerging from all over the place? And that’s not even half the problem. How for instance does one cope with an increasing number of prospects desperate to cut down costs increasingly reaching out to dirt-cheap alternatives imported mostly from the China?

Actually a lot has changed in the world since folks first started talking about consultative selling in the 1970s. Basically the marketplace has become a lot more crowded with so much more “noise.” The result is that the consumers being targeted are continuously muting out the sound of anybody trying to sell anything to them.

You may have experienced this growing phenomenon from the prospect who only half listens to your presentation or the consumer who mutes the sound on their TV when their favorite show is interrupted by a commercial break.
Advertisers now have plenty of horror stories to tell. For instance TV advertisements are nowhere nearly as effective as they used to be. Neither are newspaper ads or any other medium delivering the desired results. The immediate consequence is that sales targets are increasingly difficult to meet.
The writing should be on the wall by now and any organization that still insists on confronting prospects with the same old message of how great their product is will fail and fail more spectacularly going forward. Hardly surprising when people are so sick of hearing how great this new or re-branded product is and why they need to buy it right away.

The secret is to focus on the prospects’ problems
In this kind of environment consultative selling is no longer an option but the only available knight in shining armor capable of saving the day.

The only way to attract the interest of any would-be buyer is to focus on their problems and the more pressing those problems are the more interest you will be able to generate.

In consultative selling the focus shifts from you and your great products to the customer and their immediate needs and concerns. What problems are they facing? What obstacles are standing on their paths blocking them from achieving their objectives?

The questions asked need to be detailed and probing so that as much as possible is understood about the problems the client is facing.
Only then can you turn back to what you have in your briefcase and ask if any of your products or services can realistically solve their problem.

You must understand the problems enough to paint a picture
Superficial efforts of just asking a few questions won’t cut it. To succeed in selling using consultative selling you will need to understand your prospects’ problems thoroughly. You will need to step into their shoes and know them so well that you are capable of painting a very clear and poignant picture complete with projections of what is likely to happen if the problem persists for any length of time.

Only then will you be able to start “the real fire” or escalate “the pain” they feel. There is really no other way you will ultimately be able to motivate buyers to fix the source of their pain. And convincingly offer to rid them of that “pain” or put out “the fire” with the help of your products.

Your product must be customized
It seems that the era of mass selling and one-size-fits-all is well and truly over. This is precisely what conventional the-benefits-of-my-product-selling thrived on. And that is one of the reasons why it is proving to be increasingly ineffective; many say it is dead already.

Offering a solution to your clients with a generic product is unlikely to solve the complex problems they are facing in today’s world. In fact the big danger here is that you may only be opening the door for a competitor with a more relevant feature to the problem to come in and finish off the job thus benefiting from all the time consuming groundwork you have put in.

It is therefore extremely imperative that you ensure that the solution you offer in your product is carefully customized so that it is a complete solution.
The role of the new salesperson is actually to provide a complete solution and nothing less.

It takes up too much time, will it really work?
In the good old days selling was a simple numbers game. With a booming economy (and plenty of predictability when things weren't so good) that thrived on lots of impulse buying all one needed to do was see enough prospects and the numbers would work themselves out and deliver the required sales and results. Little wonder that as the concept of consultative selling arrived in the upbeat 1980s many in the corporate world saw it as extremely time consuming and a big hindrance to the rate at which sales could be closed.

Today the numbers no longer come in for those rushing around to get in front of as many prospects as they can. Even the best efforts to better qualify prospects have failed to deliver the desired results. The reasons why are not too difficult to figure out. People are increasingly busy with much shorter attention spans that are even shorter when the person on the other side of the table is talking about everything else but their immediate concerns.

Consultative selling delivers hot prospects
One of the magical things about consultative selling is that it not only qualifies prospects but goes further to create hot prospects for products and services. The result is that the longer time spent asking questions and gathering information is more than made up for by more sales being closed at the end of the day. In fact the customer does not even feel that they are being pressurized or closed. Instead they tend to experience a sense of relief in being able to find a solution to their problem.

Clearly the most powerful tool any salesperson has at their disposal today has changed from whatever it was before into an effective questionnaire or the right probing questions. All carefully designed to learn as much as one can about the problems facing your prospects and the kind of options they may have of dealing with them. Lots of dialogue, listening and consultative selling is really the only way to go.