Death fails to scare man in love

Based on a true real life inspiring story that is still unfolding

“How far would you be willing to go for love?”

The question was to my pregnant fiancée. The woman who was going to be my wife number two shortly. Oddly enough I had no idea where that question had popped out from. Premonition perhaps? Because just a few moments earlier we had been discussing possible names for the baby we were expecting. 

Before I met her I had always considered myself unlucky with women. I had not married my first wife out of love. Rather it was a rebound from the woman I thought was the love of my life but who had abandoned me for another man. It was a miracle that the marriage had lasted 10 years.

But it was different with Kim, my pregnant fiancée. This was a woman I was very much in love with even if at 25 she was 15 years younger than I was. We had met at some office cocktail party and hit off right away. And she had clearly demonstrated many times that she too was in love with me. For starters none of her friends had ever been enthusiastic about our relationship, not even her parents. And you wouldn’t blame them. A much older man who had just gone through a divorce, even to me, sounded like an unlikely match for the young bubbly Kim. But she had ignored everybody’s opinion and told even her parents in no uncertain terms that her decision to marry me was irreversible.

We were seated outside the doctors’ waiting for the results to the various tests they usually do on pregnant women.

“With you I would go to the ends of the earth,” Kim responded looking tearfully into my eyes as she warmly pressed my hand.
What I did not know at the time was that our love was about to be severely tested. And in an unforgettable way.

The doctor’s door opened and he ushered us back into his office. I should have guessed from his grim expression that there was something terribly wrong but my mind ignored the tell tale sign. What could possibly go wrong in this relationship that must have been made in heaven?

“I need you to be prepared for what I am about to tell you,” the doctor said.
The next few minutes were a blur. Kim had tested positive for HIV AIDs but my test had come back negative. Kim broke down into tears even as the doctor consoled her that there were many discordant couples (the term they used to refer to couples like us) out there and most of them were very happily married and living normal lives. The big consolation was that in all likelihood our unborn child would end up negative as long as we followed the doctors’ instructions carefully and she took her medication.

After what looked like hours but would not have been more than 15 minutes we left the doctors’ and headed to the parking lot. We sat in the car and Kim told me that she would understand, as anybody would, if I broke off the engagement. That was something I had never considered even for a second. To me when you truly love somebody the terms are no-matter-what. It was as simple as that as far as I was concerned. But then we humans have another pretty strong inclination and it is called self preservation.

“You are clean and if you go on with this there are bound to be big risks for you,” Kim tried to speak calmly but completely failed because her every few words were punctuated with sobs.

I told her that the horrid test result had changed nothing for me and nothing would ever change for me. I reminded her of the question I had asked her moments before her world came crashing down;

“How far would you be willing to go for love?”

I asked her what she would have done if the test results had come the other way round. One of the reasons I loved this woman so much was the fact that she was always blunt and honest with her answers. And this time was no exception.

“I would probably have seriously considered breaking off the engagement… mostly to protect our baby…”

That hurt but I was glad she had said it. That was exactly how a relationship was supposed to work. Brutally honest all the time.
Two years later today we are still in love and our baby, Jack is negative. And so am I, still. But most of all we are happy. I have never asked Kim who gave her AIDs, what’s the point? Ours is the kind of relationship that can last forever and for that I will be forever grateful.

Only her parents know the truth and I often wonder what her friends would think and even those close to me if they knew. Not that their opinion matters, but just curious what they would say. What they would feel. Not everybody believes in that fairy tale that love conquers all. But am sure glad naïve me does.

Who Needs Hidden Home Surveillance Cameras?

There is little doubt that we live in a dangerous enough world today for everybody to seriously consider hidden home surveillance cameras. Long gone are the days when most people would balk at all that may appear sneaky and weird in even thinking of the idea of installing concealed cameras. Spying on other people has long been ingrained in us as a preserve of law enforcement and criminals.

Actually there are many situations where hidden cameras can be put to good use in the home. And most of these situations may not be as obvious as keeping burglars away. For instance these cameras can be used to protect those we love and replace worry and anxiety with complete peace of mind. Let’s look at just one typical example.
Cameras can give complete peace of mind

Despite the potential risks of using baby sitters, most people find them unavoidable. Many times using them comes with way too much anxiety. Or on the other extreme we end up being too quick to trust others like relatives and those close to us. What if abuse actually takes place? Bear in mind that those who are best at concealing their evil side are really the most dangerous of all.

By installing hidden cameras in your home the ball game instantly changes. You are able to monitor what actually happens when you are not there. Does the baby sitter really like children? How do they really treat your child? Do they follow your important instructions to the letter? With one simple installation you are able to enjoy complete peace of mind.
The problem with surveillance cameras is the fact that bad use of them is what has dominated the attention of most people who choose to overlook or underrate their use when the motives are above board.
It’s all too complex for me

Getting to set up hidden home surveillance cameras may at first sound very complex and expensive. This view is outdated because these systems are in fact very easy to use and install.

Most of them have built-in DVR’s and are wireless. All it takes is some cables and plugging and you are ready to go. Admittedly most will not have audio, but then audio is not really necessary for most uses you would want to put them to in the home.
And the beauty of it all is that it is so easy to start simple with a single cheap security camera and graduate to a few hidden cameras or even a 16 channel security camera system that is completely wireless if one is necessary.

One does not need to be a visionary to see that day not too far off in the future when surveillance cameras will be a necessity in virtually every home. It is difficult to argue with something that offers protection to children and family and easily becomes an integral part of security in the home. Naturally for this to happen the planning and installation must be very well thought out. This coupled with the fact that these cameras have become a lot more accessible and affordable these days qualifies hidden home surveillance cameras as something that everybody needs to seriously consider.

Diabetes can be reversed and even cured

There is no doubt that diabetes is deadly. In the US alone close to 200,000 deaths annually can be linked to the disease and worldwide the figure is estimated to be close to a whooping 4 million. But even those who survive have to resign themselves to pathetic lifestyles of high dependency on insulin injections or pills and avoiding many fun things they may have been accustomed to before.

But the most tragic fact here is that diabetes can be reversed. Yes, you read that right. Many people will be hesitant in believing this. The truth is that we have all been told for so many years that the only thing one can do is to accept the disease and learn to live with it through insulin injections and other medication so much so that minds are shut to any other possibility. 

So it is hardly surprising that many will tell you that reversing diabetes is impossible. Some sick joke to even suggest it.

Can diabetes be reversed? Really…

Fortunately there are a growing number of folks who have successfully reversed their diabetes and left doctors dumbfounded and with no other option but to stop their medication, thus freeing them forever from the bondage of constantly having to stick needles into their bodies and always worrying about their blood sugar levels. This growing group has proved that it can be done.

Having diabetes means that your blood glucose levels are much higher than they should be. This happens because the glucose in your body refuses to enter the cells which is where they should be. Insulin is the catalyst that causes the glucose to enter your cells. And that’s why diabetics need insulin jabs all the time. In type 1 diabetes the body completely stops making any insulin while in type 2 the body makes insulin that is not quiet enough even as the cells do not drink up the glucose as quickly as they should.

Reversing type 2 diabetes naturally is much easier than most people think. And the same natural remedies have also been known to have quite an impact on type 1 diabetes as well.

So if this information is true, why has it not been widely distributed out there? The reason is found in the power and influence of big pharmaceutical companies. The simple natural remedies will mean that they will end up losing the huge profits diabetes patients bring them every year.

How to reverse diabetes naturally

It is much simpler than you think to completely reverse diabetes and to have a doctor allow you to go off your medications. You need to start by eliminating a few deadly things from your life. And it is the obvious stuff we are talking about here. You must avoid refined sugar and all foods high in sugar and carbohydrates. Carbs manufacture sugar in your body so it is easy to imagine the devastating effect of combining the two in large numbers and feeding them to your body. This is definitely a recipe for disaster.

The next step is focus on certain every day foods (most of them delicious). Always remember that Food is medicine but can also be poison. So all you have to do is feed your body with medicinal food while drastically reducing and even avoiding the poisonous stuff. It is as simple as that.

Fun exercise

The undisputed number one cause of diabetes is eating the wrong foods (plenty of poisonous stuff) and especially popular junk food. This is why most people who suffer from diabetes will also be overweight or even obese. Just stop avoiding exercise as the first step. Take the stairs when you can (start with a few at a time and work your way up to more and more stairs). 

Look for every excuse in your daily routine to get involved in exercising. For instance when you need to do some thinking make a habit of taking a brisk walk around the block or even further. There are also plenty of fun exercises you can find on Youtube that will help you burn calories. Focus on fun exercises that you can easily turn into a habit. Rather than taking up a drastic rigorous exercise regime start with just a little and constantly look for something you enjoy doing and then work your way up from there. Starting small is much better than immediately diving into something too ambitious that you are unlikely to sustain for any length of time.

You can also find a fun sport you enjoy that is physical and then play it as often as you can.

Cinnamon magic

It has been proven that this is a secret ingredient for reversing diabetes. Apart from lowering cholesterol this spice that is used in both savoury and sweet foods amazingly helps to metabolize glucose in the body while fighting damage to cells caused by high blood sugar. Cinnamon is actually a super nutrient that fights diabetes.

Chromium Picolonate

This is a nutritional supplement normally used to treat chromium deficiency. It also potent medicine that has shown astounding results in natural diabetes treatment. Research has shown that it has this ability to help insulin bond to sell walls which greatly aids the process of the cells taking in glucose.

What works best is a careful combination of cinnamon and chromium in the right quantities.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Just 2 tablespoons with a cup of water during meals can be very effective. You can even use it with crystal light to make it taste better. The fact that apple cider vinegar is filled with healthy minerals, vitamins and antioxidants is what many believe is the reason that this remedy has proved so effective in lowering blood sugar levels in the body.

Zinc lozenges

Most diabetics will also be found to be zinc deficient. Yet Zinc has been proven to aid in the absorption and production of insulin in the body. And this is why a sudden injection of zinc usually has a good effect on those suffering from diabetes. Foods that are high on zinc will also be pretty helpful. These include seafood like cooked oysters, crab and lobster.


Diabetes can be reversed naturally. It is just that most folks are very skeptical and this condition that has more or less modern medicine in that it can only be controlled but never cured. Now you are armed with a remedy that has the potential of working wonders for you, no matter how serious your condition currently is.